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Welcome to Diversify Your Bookshelf, a monthly feature to bring you great books written by various authors.

book cover of The Magic Fish

Random House children’s books

The magic fish

Trung Le Nguyen

Nguyen’s first full-length graphic novel is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and heartwarming read. Tiến, a Vietnamese-American boy, tries to find the right words to address his family. The fairy tales he reads with his mother are skillfully woven into his story, which might help him come to terms with his intersecting identities.

legendary cover

Simon and Schuster

Born of legend

Tracy Deon

Born of legend is a unique modern adaptation of the Arthurian legend combined with Southern black spirituality. Bree Matthews attends a gifted high school program at UNC-Chapel Hill, trying to have a normal life after the death of her mother. After witnessing a magical incident, her life becomes anything but… she is brought into the world of the Legendborn, descendants of King Arthur’s knights. Amid this chaos, Bree must figure out who she can trust and how her family’s past connects to her present.

Simon and Schuster

A thousand beginnings and endings

Edited by Ellen Oh & Elsie Chapman

This book is perfect for lovers of short stories and/or folklore anthologies. A Thousand Beginnings and Endings features 15 different authors from the Asian Diaspora retelling reimagined versions of East and South Asian folktales and myths. The individual stories range from sci-fi adaptations to mainstream tales, so the collection has something for everyone.